Biomethane plant in the UK inaugurated

By Tanja Peschel, Agraferm Technologies AG.

The German company Agraferm Technologies AG starts building its tenth biomethane plant in the United Kingdom. Overall, Agraferm has received three contracts for new biogas plants. 

While the project in Metheringham will produce biomethane, two other projects in Methwold and Crowland will produce biogas from a flexible substrate mix. Additionally, those two plants will use a cogeneration unit to produce electricity.

The biomethane plant in Metheringham will consist of one digestor and post digestor, yield 400 m³ per hour and will have an electric capacity of 500 kW. As Heinrich Schulze Herking, Chief Technology Officer at Agraferm explains, plants in this performance class usually require three to four tanks but thanks to high-load fermentation, the new plant will require substantially less tank volume.