SoCalGas Offers $100,000 in Grants to Help Cities Prepare for Climate Change Risks

Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) today announced it will continue its grant program that helps California cities become more resilient in the face of climate change risks such as flooding, wildfires, extreme heat, drought, sea level rise, and other extreme weather events. The competitive grant program provides $50,000 to each of two municipalities in the utility's service territory and is designed to help cities and counties reduce the impact of climate change-related threats, which are expected to increase over the next decade. An advisory panel of planning and sustainability experts from Climate Resolve and the American Planning Association-California Chapter (APA-California) will select the winning applications from across Southern and Central California.

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Amp Americas Sells its ampCNG Unit to Focus Entirely on Rapidly Growing Dairy RNG Business

Amp Americas’ Renewable Dairy Fuels Set to Break Ground on Two Dairy RNG Projects.

CHICAGO (June 20, 2019) Amp Americastodayannounced that the sale of its 20 ampCNG fueling stations to American Natural Gas (ANG) for $41 million has closed. A pioneer in the renewable transportation fuel industry, Amp Americas will continue to own and operate its landmark Indiana biogas operations through its Renewable Dairy Fuels (RDF) business unit. The company will also continue to invest heavily in dairy RNG projects and plans to break ground on two additional dairy biogas operations later this year. 

CalBio & Dairy Farmers Partner with Chevron to Reduce Methane Emissions via Dairy Biomethane Fuel Projects

Chevron USA Inc. announced Tuesday it has partnered with a Visalia-based company to help fund up to 18 dairy "digesters" that would harvest methane from cow manure in Kern, Kings and Tulare counties.

The oil giant, under its deal with California Bioenergy LLC, also agreed to help find a market for the resulting biomethane, a renewable-energy greenhouse gas 84 times more potent at trapping heat than carbon dioxide.

By John Cox, Bakersfield

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American Natural Gas Acquires Amp CNG Fueling Station Network

American Natural Gas (ANG) today acquired AMP CNG, a natural gas fuel provider. This acquisition bolsters ANG’s reach by adding 20 additional natural gas fueling stations to its portfolio. “AMP CNG’s station infrastructure is complementary to our current infrastructure and future expansion plans.” Says American Natural Gas CEO, Andrew West as ANG undergoes expansion into the southeast region of the country. The synergies of AMP CNG and ANG will significantly strengthen the opportunity to serve customers. The expansive nature of ANG’s national network coupled with exclusive focus on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) continues to fuel a healthier and cleaner future.

By American Natural Gas

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Wensleydale Creamery to Heat North Yorkshire Homes with RNG

THE cheese makers behind the favourite food of beloved clay-animated duo Wallace and Gromit have taken a leaf straight out of Wallace's invention book with their latest venture.

The Wensleydale Creamery has struck a deal to supply the whey from its Dales-based factory to a nearby bioenergy plant, transforming cheese waste into renewable "green gas".

The innovative move should supply energy to heat 4,000 North Yorkshire homes, as well as cutting carbon emissions for the Creamery.

By Charlotte Bowe, The Northern Echo

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Abbotsford City Council Endorses New Strategy to 'Green' Vehicle Fleet

On Monday June 10, 2019, Abbotsford City Council endorsed an ambitious new Green Fleet Strategy for all City of Abbotsford vehicles, announced Mayor Henry Braun today.

The City, including the Abbotsford Police Department and Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service, has a current fleet of over 600 light and heavy-duty vehicles that are primarily powered by fossil fuels. The City of Abbotsford's Official Community Plan sets clear community-wide greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets: 20% per capita by the year 2025 and 40% per capita by the year 2040, against 2007 emission levels. Efforts to reduce the City's corporate GHG emissions are guided by these targets, and by the City's commitments under the BC Climate Action Charter.

By Market Screener

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Kern Dairy Digester: An Example of Combating Climate Change in California

Roy Dowd sniffed the air during a dairy tour he was leading last week on the edge of Bakersfield.

"That's the smell of money," joked the director of operations, maintenance and research at a Visalia company, California Bioenergy LLC, helping local dairies turn manure into a new revenue stream.

Don't hold your nose: Methane from cow manure at local dairies has taken on new value as both a clean-burning fuel and a greenhouse gas to be harnessed.

Growing numbers of dairies are earning a percentage of sales from the electricity generated by combusting "biogas" produced on their property. Soon, some of the gas will be refined on site and injected for sale into natural gas pipelines.

By John Cox, Bakersfield

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Renewable Energy Capacity Now Exceeds Coal in U.S.

Renewable energy now generates more electricity in the United States than coal. Solar, wind, hydropower, biomass, and geothermal totaled 21.56 percent of U.S. generating capacity as of April, according to a report from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Coal, meanwhile, accounted for just 21.55 percent of capacity, down from 23.04 percent last year.

As Engadget reports, this gap is likely to widen in the coming months. FERC notes that renewable energy has added 1 percentage point to its share of U.S. installed capacity every year, and says that sector could account for 25 percent by 2022. A total of 186,000 megawatts of proposed wind and solar projects are expected to go online in the next four years.

By Yale Environment 360

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Kinetrex Energy, EDL & South Side Landfill Break Ground on RNG Plant in Indianapolis

Kinetrex Energy, EDL and South Side Landfill announced today that they have broken ground on a new renewable natural gas facility in Indianapolis. The $25 million plant will create 50 construction jobs and four full-time positions when operational.

The completed facility will convert landfill gas into approximately 8 million gallons of renewable natural gas each year, which it will then sell to Kinetrex Energy to be converted into liquefied natural gas. From there the liquified gas will be sold to Midwest transportation fleets.

By Merritt McLaughlin, Inside Indiana Business

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California's Dairy Farmers on Their Way Toward Planet-Smart Goals

California dairy farmer Joey Airoso recently shared his story in a video produced by KCET. Airoso Dairy produces milk for butter and cheese, and now they’re also producing transportation fuel.

California’s dairy families are world leaders in planet-smart farming. As Time magazine put it, “California already has a Green New Deal,” and it includes the state’s family dairy farms. Through a collaborative effort, the state is working to demonstrate dairy’s important role in a low-carbon future—nourishing a growing population while ensuring the health of people and our planet. Dairy farmers are not only reducing their dependence on fossil fuels, but also working to reduce methane emissions to unprecedented levels. Great progress is being made to tackle the state’s ambitious dairy methane reduction goal.

By California Dairy Research Foundation

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