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Renewable Natural Gas industry IN NORTH AMERICA.

Unite and network with leaders, educators, advocates, developers and decision makers from each sector of the RNG industry. Secure your seat at the table and participate in the process of influencing public policy and shaping corporate sustainability practices. Receive timely and tailored industry, legislative, regulatory and related market, strategy and political information you won't find anywhere else from anyone else.  

The RNG Coalition strategizes, pools resources, deploys assets, experts and achieves positive outcomes for established industry priorities. Together, we educate the general public and elected policy makers. We monitor, advocate for and influence the laws and regulations that create markets and drive demand that our industry depends on. We collaborate to the collective benefit of the economy and the environment, locally and globally.

Together, we THRIVE. 

We are the Coalition For Renewable Natural Gas. 

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Coalition Member Testimonials


“At Air Liquide we believe that our active membership and interaction with the RNG Coalition keeps us on the forefront of the quickly evolving regulatory and market landscape for Renewable Natural Gas. The knowledge and advocacy provided by the RNG Coalition is available nowhere else.”

-Dan Crouse, Senior Director - Air Liquide


“As a founding member of the RNG Coalition it is gratifying to see the results of industry collaboration driving policy and lawmaking at the state and federal levels.” 

-Richard M. DiGia, President and CEO - Aria Energy


“Our association and investment in the RNG Coalition can be expressed in a word – Outstanding!  The work being accomplished by the RNG Coalition is making a difference and the support and networking opportunities have provided real membership value to EcoEngineers.” 

-Shashi Menon, Managing Partner - EcoEngineers


“We could not be more appreciative of the work the RNG Coalition has done for the biogas and renewable natural gas markets. From defending our rights at the Federal and State/Provincial levels, educating regulators or the general public, the RNG Coalition is the best advocacy agency for anyone in the Biogas and RNG markets.”

-Angela Schwarz, President - Element Markets


“As one of the founding members of the RNG Coalition, Montauk Energy has benefited tremendously by the advocacy and collaborative approach to developments impacting the RNG industry, and the RFS and LCFS programs in particular.   RNG Coalition membership has proven to be an efficient and effective means of allowing Montauk Energy to pool resources with the other RNG Coalition members to maximize the impact of our advocacy efforts.”

-Martin Ryan, President - Montauk Energy


“I have found that RNG Coalition Membership provides another resource for valuable current information as to what is happening in the RNG space and access to potential clients and persons involved with RNG on a regular basis.

-Mark Holmstedt, Principal - Westhoff, Cone & Holmstedt



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