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Members of the Coalition do not merely sign-up to join, they put significant skin in the game. The result? A vested group of individuals and entities with a high level of engagement and expectation.


At the end of each year we review our work to date, the work before us and finalize our priority for the upcoming year at our annual RNG Conference. 



The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas, Inc. (RNG Coalition) advocates for the sustainable development, deployment and utilization of renewable natural gas so that present and future generations will have access to domestic, renewable, clean fuel and energy.


The RNG Coalition is the trade association for the Renewable Natural Gas industry in North America. Founded on July 7, 2011 as a 501 (c) 6 non-profit by Johannes Escudero, David Cox and eight (8) founding members, the RNG Coalition provides the platform for policy advocacy, public education, and promotion of best practices for the Renewable Natural Gas industry in North America.

We educate the general public and elected officials about RNG’s reliability, sustainability, and global and local environmental and economic benefits.

Our members represent more than 95% of the RNG produced in North America by volume. We are feedstock and technology neutral and support all sustainable end-use applications of RNG. We seek recognition and inclusion of RNG as an essential element of any alternative or renewable energy or fuel standard or program.

We advocate for favorable treatment of RNG as a viable investment and alternative energy resource in Federal, State and Provincial laws and regulations.

We are proud of our diverse and international membership comprised of producers and consumers, consultants, small businesses, large corporations, municipalities and non-profits representative of each sector of the RNG industry, including: waste collection, waste management and recycling companies, renewable energy project developers, engineers, financiers, investors, gas and power marketers, gas and power transporters, technology manufacturers and service providers, environmental advocates, research organizations, universities, innovators, labor unions, law firms, power and transportation companies, fueling stations, fleets, cities, counties, municipalities, public and investor owned utilities.


The RNG Coalition will provide policy advocacy and education to help ensure sustainability and growth for the RNG industry. 

In 2015, we established an organizational priority to help enable the industry to double the number of operating RNG projects in North America to 100 RNG projects by 2025. By all accounts, it appears we will meet and exceed the 100 project threshold in 2019. As such, we will cast a vision and chart an ambitious course for the North American RNG industry’s future. 

Action plan


The RNG Coalition was founded to provide the industry with a policy platform and advocacy voice. Thus, we will continue to place a heavy emphasis on public policy advocacy. Policy makers have significant sway over the status of existing and future markets, market certainty and to a degree, the future of the RNG industry. Policy, rules and regulations impact project feasibility, profitability and sustainability, and ultimately determine where or whether RNG Coalition Members will develop new RNG projects and how the RNG produced will be used. Accordingly, we will engage early and often with persons, departments and agencies at the federal, state and provincial levels to advocate for the advancement of the RNG Coalition’s Mission: increased development, deployment and utilization of RNG so that present and future generations will have access to domestic, renewable, clean fuel and energy. 

2018 continued a period of uncertainty culminating in the resignation of Scott Pruitt and appointment of Andrew Wheeler as Acting Administrator (EPA). Our advocacy efforts have focused on demonstrating the value of RNG to the Trump Administration and to Congress. Today, the RNG Coalition has never been stronger, more diverse or better equipped. We will continue to advocate, educate and build relationships - including but not limited to through Political Action Committees - with key members of the US House and Senate, US OMB, EPA, USDA and DOE. Should legislative and regulatory threats or opportunities emerge, we are prepared to respond quickly and decisively, with unity and strength. We will measure our level of engagement by the potential impact on RNG and the RNG industry. If a policy involves more than RNG, we will focus advocacy on the relevant components and comment on the entire policy only as it relates to RNG and the RNG industry.

Prior to all policy engagement, we will ask:

Does our engagement best position the RNG industry in North America to double in size by 2025?

Entering 2019, the U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS2) and California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), various states’ Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) and their associated markets have the most significant impact on RNG industry growth, project development, production volumes and deployment of related services. As such, we will advocate for RNG within these and similar federal, state and provincial policies. We will consider both the immediate and long-term impacts of our policy position on the RNG industry. 

Non-discriminatory pipeline access and flexible gas quality standards remain critical to the viability of RNG projects. We will advocate for both throughout North America and especially in California where the Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is reviewing recently completed studies regarding siloxane standards and minimum heating value requirements. 

Financial incentives like loan guarantees, price floors, cap and trade revenue, grants and tax credits impact the financial viability of RNG projects. We will work with federal, state and provincial governments and allies to better position the RNG industry to gain eligibility for and take advantage of these incentives. 



Public awareness of renewable natural gas is growing as a result of the RNG Coalition’s efforts, but given the nature of politics, term limits and the relative size of the RNG industry compared to other competing special interests, we still have much work to do. We will initiate our own industry’s nationwide PR campaign, and improve the use and coordination of social and traditional media to increase awareness and understanding of RNG. 

We will educate policy makers at the federal, state and provincial levels about the economic and environmental benefits associated with increased development, deployment and utilization of RNG, including through the RNG Global Initiative, so that they can make well-informed policy decision about RNG, regardless of the feedstock or sustainable end-use.We will educate policy makers at the federal, state and provincial levels about the economic and environmental benefits of RNG so that they can make well-informed policy decision about RNG, regardless of the end-use.

  • We will collect, develop and share relevant data and research to substantiate RNG policy and education claims, and to inform and equip our Members and allies.

  • We will promote best business practices and work to enhance a civil dialogue about the best ways to help the RNG industry grow and thrive across North America. 

  • We will attend, speak and deploy RNG Speakers Bureau and or Advisory Board members to represent the RNG Coalition at relevant conferences, workshops, public hearings, committees and events to educate potential allies about the nexus between RNG,  biogas and conventional natural gas. 

  • We will host our annual RNG 2019 SUMMIT in Washington DC. This event will include a Policy Forum, evening reception, a breakfast orientation and a full day of Capitol Hill meetings. RNG Coalition Members will educate key policy makers and regulatory agency personnel about RNG and legislation or regulations relevant to the RNG industry. 

  • We will host the second annual RNG 2019 WORKS in Nashville, TN. This event is a two day technical workshop & expo for RNG industry operators and vendors to promote best practices, discuss technical aspects of relevance to the RNG industry and showcase RNG-related technologies, capabilities, innovation and services.

  • We will host North America’s eighth annual RNG 2019 CONFERENCE in Dana Point, California. This event is a four-day policy, market, politics, strategy and networking conference for RNG Industry Executives to receive real-time updates on relevant political, policy and market developments, to strategize, and celebrate RNG Coalition Member accomplishments, discuss ideas and recalibrate for the work ahead in the New Year. 



We will serve all RNG Coalition Members with professional, personal and timely attention - and strive to exceed all expectations, including as follows:


We will think, plan and develop with the RNG industry’s best immediate and long-term interests in mind.


We will provide a clear, strong and unified voice for the RNG industry. 


We will listen to and value feedback from all RNG Coalition Members.


We will clearly and consistently communicate pertinent information to our Members in the most timely and professional manner possible. 


We will always respect and keep Member’s confidential business information private.