RNG Speakers Bureau


renewable natural gas industry experts available to speak at conferences & workshops

Workshop and conference hosts may inquire with the RNG Coalition about having a member of the RNG Speakers Bureau provide an industry expert's perspective at your event. 

RNG Speakers Bureau members:

  • Are RNG industry representatives from RNG Coalition member companies and organizations 
  • Have substantial and recent speaking experience
  • Have subject matter expertise in one or more sectors of renewable natural gas

Location:  Newport Beach, CA

Available for Opportunities: Throughout North America

harrison clay

PRESIDENT - Clean Energy Renewables

Harrison Clay serves as our President of Clean Energy subsidiary Clean Energy Renewable Fuels. In this role, Mr. Clay is responsible for leading Clean Energy’s efforts to produce and sell renewable natural gas (or biomethane) that is derived from the anaerobic decomposition of organic waste.  Prior to joining Clean Energy in 2008, Mr. Clay worked at the San Francisco investment bank WR Hambrecht + Co.  Mr. Clay has extensive experience in structuring and trading environmental commodities, venture capital, corporate and project finance and the clean tech and energy industries. Mr. Clay has a JD from the University of Virginia and a dual AB in Anthropology and English from the University of Georgia.

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Location:  Houston, TX

Available for Opportunities:  Throughout North America



Sandra Dunphy has more than 25 years of experience working with energy companies in North and South America, Europe and Asia and is nationally recognized as a Renewable Identification Number expert within the United States renewable fuels industry. With a practice specialization in Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compliance and fuels consulting, Sandra, a civil engineer, brings extensive technical experience and knowledge to each of her clients. She is experienced in industrial energy conservation strategies and energy distribution networks, has extensive contract negotiation experience in electricity, natural gas, and liquid fuels. Sandra has worked with most of the renewable natural gas market participants in the US today.

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Location: Fort Collins, CO

Available for Opportunities: Throughout North America 



Jay Hopper has worked as CEO of Timberline Energy, President of Mowood, Inc., President of the Omega Pipeline Company, Vice President and General Manager at Kinder Morgan Power Company, General Manager of the Platte River Power Authority, and Chief Operating Officer for Barlow Projects Inc.  In his 40 years in the Energy industry he has participated in the development of over 7,000 MW of electric generation from coal, natural gas, wind, solar and landfill methane recovery. He is currently Vice President of Aria Energy.


Location:  Houston, TX

Available for Opportunities:  Throughout North America

randALL lack


Randall (Randy) Lack has been a successful entrepreneur within the environmental commodity and alternative energy industries for over a decade.  Mr. Lack is an acclaimed speaker and has extensive experience in structuring environmental commodity transactions including biogas, emissions, renewable energy credits, and greenhouse gases. Mr. Lack has also served as the Managing Director over the Emissions and Greenhouse Gas Business, which is one of the largest in North America and has been twice named “Emissions House of the Year” by Energy Risk. In 2013, Randall was awarded the recognition of 40 under 40 by the Houston Business Journal recognizing him as one of the most influential young people in business in Houston.

Topics:  Biogas, Renewable Energy Credits, Greenhouse Gas Trading, Regional Emission Markets, and Emissions Policies

Location: Midland, TX

Available for Opportunities:  Globally


PRESIDENT - Morrow Renewables

Luke Morrow received his B.S. in mechanical engineering from Texas Tech University in 1993, and his MBA from Texas Tech University in 1994. With over 20 years of experience in gas treating, marketing, CNG refueling, landfill gas gathering and NSPS compliance, Luke was instrumental in leading the innovations necessary for applying Morrow Energy’s existing gas treatment infrastructure to the routine high-output conversion of captured LFG to high-BTU pipeline-ready gas as an industry-pioneering business model. In 2006, Luke led the design and development of the first cow manure-to-pipeline gas plant of its kind in the world. Morrow Renewables has since developed the use of landfill plant service vehicles powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), and holds a patent on carbon dioxide (CO2) stripping of pre-treat solvent, as well a patent for deeper stripping of solvent to achieve higher methane purity in sales gas.

Location:  San Diego, CA

Available for Opportunities:  On or near the West Coast 

cynthia obadia

PRESIDENT - Cynthia Obadia Consulting

Cynthia Obadia is an experienced energy trading professional who works as a consultant for biofuels producers in maximizing the financial incentives from California's carbon regulations as well as EPA's Renewable Fuel Standards (RFS). She specializes in consulting for renewable natural gas producers or consumers in the transportation or power sectors. Prior to consulting, she worked in the energy trading desks at Shell, Goldman Sachs and Petroleos de Venezuela.

Ms. Obadia is also fluent in Spanish. 

Location:  Los Angeles, CA

Available for Opportunities:

Throughout North America

EVAN Williams

PRESIDENT - Cambrian Energy, & CHAIRMAN - Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas

Evan Williams is the son of motion picture character actor, Rhys Williams.  He was educated at UCLA where he received his Bachelor of Arts in film followed by a Juris Doctorate degree from the UCLA School of Law.

Evan is a co-founder and the President of Cambrian Energy Development LLC that has developed more than 50 landfill gas-to-energy and digester gas-to-energy projects since 1980, including the largest RNG project in the US at the McCommas Bluff Landfill in Dallas, Texas.  He has participated in more than $1 billion in financings for renewable energy projects.  He serves as Chairman of the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas.

Cambrian Energy is a major owner and the manager of North American Repower LLC and related entities that offer the conversion of existing diesel vehicles (trucks and buses) to CNG and RNG with a CARB-certified remanufactured to start-of-life condition, dedicated CNG engine.

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