March 7, 2019

RNG Coalition Announces Scholarship Awards for 2019

The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas (RNG Coalition) notified five applicants this week that they will receive financial scholarships from the RNG Coalition - Tudor Williams Academic ScholarshipFund

2019 RNG Coalition - Tudor Williams Academic Scholarship recipients are:

  • Courtney Dale - pursuing a Master's degree in Energy and Climate Policy at Johns Hopkins University

  • Michael Long - pursuing a PhD in Biological Systems Engineering at the University of California, Davis

  • Hana Love - pursuing a Bachelor's degree in education at the University of Arkansas

  • Colin O'Neill - pursuing a Bachelor's in Mathematics at the University of Texas, Austin

  • Aidan Soule - pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Government and Public Policy at William & Mary

The RNG Coalition doubled the amount awarded in financial scholarships this year compared to 2018, thanks to the generosity of member companies and their employees.

The RNG Coalition - Tudor Williams Academic Scholarship was established in November 2017 to honor the late Tudor Williams, a renewable natural gas industry pioneer, innovator, engineer and developer who passed away on the last day of the 2016 annual North American RNG industry conference.

Thank you to Stanford University's Brian Bartholomeusz and the balance of the RNG Coalition's academic members on the Scholarship Advisory Board for reviewing all 2019 applications:

  • Columbia University

  • Cornell University

  • Michigan State University

  • Stony Brook University

  • University of Arizona

  • University of California, Riverside

For more information about contributing to the RNG Coalition-Tudor Williams Academic Scholarship fund or for application requirements, please visit the scholarship web page HERE.

About the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas

The RNG Coalition is the non-profit trade association representing over 170 companies, municipalities, universities and organizations dedicated to the advancement of RNG, including as an ultra-clean, domestically-produced, renewable fuel in North America. The RNG industry captures methane and other gases emitted from organic waste streams – such as those from landfills, wastewater treatment plants, livestock and agricultural digesters, and commercial food waste facilities – and converts the biogas into RNG.  RNG is fully fungible with conventional natural gas, and is used as a direct substitute in commercial, industrial and residential natural gas applications. 

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Marcus Gillette