Trillium Expands CNG Presence with New Oklahoma Partnerships

Trillium, one of the nation’s leading providers of alternative fuels systems and renewable fuels and member of the Love’s Family of Companies, today announced its recently awarded partnerships with Oklahoma City EMBARK and Tulsa Transit, Oklahoma’s largest urban transit systems. The partnerships reiterate Trillium’s dedication to providing reliable and clean fueling solutions to fleets across the country.

“Oklahoma is a state rooted in the pioneering spirit, and I am thrilled to see multiple communities renewing their commitment to providing clean and reliable fueling solutions through Trillium,” said Bill Cashmareck, managing director of Trillium. “These new partnerships will help improve Oklahoma’s air quality, ease traffic congestion and promote the benefits of using public transportation in a rapidly growing state.”


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Frontiers in Energy Research Release a Special Issue Addressing Challenges to Efficient Bioenergy Production

Storing chopped, wet corn stover in conditions with reduced oxygen not only reduces microbial loss and risk of fire but also can increase yields during conversion to biofuels.

This finding is one among many in a compendium of new research that explores how grinding, sifting, drying, pelletizing and chemically treating plant material and other forms of biomass before it reaches the biorefinery could help solve big challenges plaguing today’s bioenergy industry.

By Department of Energy

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Ohio EPA Poised to Issue Decision on Proposed Rumpke Landfill Expansion

After years of discussion, Rumpke Waste and Recycling is poised to receive a decision from the Ohio EPA regarding the proposed 240-acre expansion of Rumpke Sanitary Landfill in Hamilton County, as reported by WKRC.

The landfill, which is located north of Cincinnati, has less than four years of constructed capacity remaining, according to Corporate Communications Manager Molly Yeager. The expansion would provide the landfill with an additional 20 to 25 years of capacity — and, unless it receives approval, customers can expect a roughly 20% hike in service costs.

By Rina Li, Waste Dive.

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Roeslein Alternative Energy Acquires AERG

As of April 1, 2019, Roeslein Alternative Energy (RAE) has acquired Alternate Energy Resources Group (AERG), an environmental engineering and construction firm, located in Texas. The two companies have been collaborating for several years on multiple projects throughout Northern Missouri. AERG’s experience and unique skill set will allow RAE to better serve its clients.

Following the acquisition, AERG will be renamed Alternate Energy Resources Group, a Roeslein Alternative Energy Company, LLC, and will still be known as AERG. All of AERG’s employees will become RAE employees and will continue all operations.

By Roeslein Alternative Energy

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DOE Announces $59 Million to Accelerate Advanced Vehicle Technologies Research

Today, U.S. Department of Energy Under Secretary of Energy Mark W. Menezes announced up to $59 million for new and innovative advanced vehicle technologies research.  Funded through the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, this funding opportunity seeks projects to address priorities in advanced batteries and electric drive systems, energy efficient mobility systems, materials for more efficient powertrains, co-optimized advanced engine and fuel technologies, and alternative fuels and new mobility options.  

Technology Integration (up to $17.5 million) – Projects will focus on alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure for resiliency and emergency preparedness, new mobility services in rural America, alternative fuel (e.g., natural gas, propane, electricity, hydrogen) proof-of-concept demonstrations in new communities and fleets, and electric vehicle data collection. There is also an open topic specific to Clean Cities coalitions seeking innovative ideas for alternative fuel and mobility solutions. 

By Department of Energy

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SoCalGas Op-Ed: Keeping All Energy Options on the Table

Imagine cooking your meals using renewable energy from the waste on the farm where the food was produced. Imagine taking the power of the sun during a hot summer day and being able to store it to heat your home in the winter.  Sound futuristic? The fact is, these technologies – Renewable Natural Gas and Power-to-Gas — are available today and are increasingly being used around the world in the fight against climate change.  They are also an important part of SoCalGas’s plan to be the cleanest natural gas utility in North America.

By Sharon Tomkins, Daily Breeze

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SoCalGas Announces a New Strategy to Help Achieve California's Ambitious Environmental Goals

Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) today released a broad, inclusive and integrated plan to help achieve California's ambitious environmental goals in a paper titled California's Clean Energy Future: Imagine the Possibilities. The plan embraces an all-of-the-above approach to fight climate change, keeps energy affordability as a key focus, calls for developing long-term renewable energy storage using existing infrastructure, and can aid in promoting rapid consumer adoption. The new strategy comes one month after SoCalGas announced its vision to be the cleanest natural gas utility in North America, delivering affordable and increasingly renewable energy to its customers.  As part of that vision, SoCalGas committed to replace 20 percent of its traditional natural gas supply with renewable natural gas (RNG) by 2030.

By PR Newswire

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Clean Methane Systems & EIP Ventures Collaborate to Develop Renewable Fuel from Organic Waste Streams in Oregon

 Clean Methane Systems LLC and EIP Ventures, LLC announced a joint venture named "EcoRNG" to develop more than 10 million gallons of renewable fuels from waste streams at landfills, waste water treatment facilities and dairies throughout Oregon.   

EcoRNG's plan is to replace millions of gallons of diesel with renewable natural gas generated from existing waste streams. By capturing harmful waste gases and converting them into pipeline-quality renewable natural gas, EcoRNG will lessen dependence on fossil fuels, reduce emissions and demonstrate a productive use of waste stream bi-products.

By Fox40

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Fortistar Acquires Two Landfill Gas-to-RNG Facilities In Pennsylvania

Fortistar LLC, in partnership with Ares Capital Corporation (NASDAQ: ARCC), announced today that it has acquired two landfill renewable natural gas (RNG) facilities, Greentree Landfill Gas and Imperial Landfill Gas, from EDF Renewables North America. Located in Western Pennsylvania, the two facilities have the capacity to produce 1.5 million decatherms of RNG per year—enough to power 1,117 natural gas trucks and displace 12 million GGE of diesel fuel. Fueling trucks with Fortistar’s RNG, will reduce 107,485 metric tons of CO 2 per year—equivalent to planting over 2.7 million trees each year.

RNG extracted from landfills is carbon-neutral and chemically identical to natural gas, allowing it to be to be used as a transportation fuel in natural gas vehicles and trucks. The growth in America’s natural gas fueling infrastructure spurred on by companies such as TruStar Energy, an affiliate of Fortistar, has paved the way for a commercially viable RNG industry.

By Toshiba

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