RNG is Heating Homes in the UK, Supplying 10 Million UK Homes by 2050

Biomethane is big news lately. In the United Kingdom, a reported 1 million homes are now using what they call “green gas” from farm and food waste for heating and cooking. There are 60 biomethane plants now in the UK, according to The Guardian. And according to the Green Gas Certification Scheme, the number of homes supplied with green gas has leapt 13-fold since 2017. Campaigners say it could supply as many as 10m UK homes by 2050.

The anaerobic digestion of food leftovers could cover a third of the gas or power demand in the UKand create 35,000 new jobs, according to the Anaerobic Digestion & Bioresources Association (ADBA).

But it goes beyond the UK. Beyond Europe. Beyond the cow.

By Helena Tavares Kennedy, Biofuels Digest

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