AQMD Funds SoCalGas Ultra-Low Emission Water Heater Project

SoCalGas announced the utility was awarded $1.7 million in funding from the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) for two projects to reduce emissions in residential and commercial buildings.  The funding will support a commercial water heating incentive program that provides rebates to distributors selling ultra-low emission water heaters. The award will also be used to build a 1.5 kilowatt fuel cell in a new, mixed fuel, zero-net-energy home that will demonstrate how renewable energy and natural gas can work together to reduce emissions at the lowest cost for the homeowner.  The money is part of a $61 million funding pool for projects that will reduce stationary and mobile source emissions in the Los Angeles Basin. 

"We are continuously working to find innovative ways to reduce emissions and provide our customers with equipment that helps to keep their energy bills affordable," said Sharon Tomkins, vice president of customer solutions and strategy for SoCalGas.  "Curbing California's emissions requires cooperation from all sectors - policymakers, businesses and consumers, and this AQMD program is a prime example of what can be achieved when we all work together."

By Cision PR Newswire