As UPS Expands, So Does its Commitment to Alternative Fueling like RNG

By Betsy Lillian, NGT News.

With a fleet of 119,000 ground vehicles, 2,500 operating facilities and 10.5 million customers served every day around the world, UPS is undergoing a transformation to boost its capacity even further. Most notably, the logistics giant is going big on sustainability while, at the same time, normalizing its use of alternative fuel technology.

As laid out in its newly released 2017 Corporate Sustainability Progress Report, the company’s environmental goals include as follows:

  • Cutting absolute greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions 12% by 2025 in global ground operations;
  • Generating 25% of its electricity from renewable energy resources by 2025;
  • Growing alternative fuels (i.e., not conventional gasoline or diesel) to 40% of its total ground fuel by 2025; and
  • Purchasing 25% alt-fuel/advanced technology vehicles annually by 2020.