RNG Coalition Issues Statement on EPA's Use of Small Refiner Exemption

April 5, 2018


Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas CEO, Johannes Escudero, issued the following statement today on the U.S. EPA's recent and increasing use of the Small Refiner Exemption in the Renewable Fuel Standard Program:

"The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas is concerned that EPA is granting 'hardship waivers' to Fortune 500 corporations under the Small Refiner Exemption (SRE) of the Renewable Fuels Standard, and America should be disturbed by the lack of transparency or notice and comment through which it is occurring.  It is poor policy implementation and a clear attempt to undermine a statute put in place by Congress. 
We strongly urge EPA to cease granting these waivers immediately and request a moratorium on any further exemptions. Additionally, we urge EPA to create a public process for any future waiver considerations that does not retroactively reduce annual renewable volume obligations, and that has predetermined deadlines when petitions must be received and determinations made."