Colorado calls for applications for possible Anaerobic Digester, RNG projects

On January 3, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment issued a Request for Application (RFA) for Recycling Grants entitled "Building Opportunities to Maximize Waste Diversion and Create Jobs in Colorado." 

The purpose of this RFA is to fund implementation projects that lead to new opportunities to increase waste diversion as well as to create jobs.  Projects may focus on recycling, composting, waste minimization, anaerobic digestion, repurposing, or reuse for a wide variety of materials.

In an effort to work toward achieving the goals stated above, the department has developed a tiered system to prioritize the types of projects that will best help the state improve its waste diversion rate and create economic opportunities. Projects that meet the criteria in the first tier will be prioritized over those that meet the criteria in the second and third tiers. The tiers are outlined below.

Interested companies and prospective applicants should submit any initial inquiries in writing by January 17 (3 pm MST). The application submittal deadline is March 2.