U.S. House tax chairman is confident on reform, but others less so

By Susan Heavey and David Morgan, Reuters.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The top tax law writer in the U.S. House of Representatives insisted on Tuesday that tax reform will happen this year, despite concerns among some experts that a tax code overhaul could drag into 2018, or even collapse altogether. 

President Donald Trump is still seeking his first major legislative achievement and has focused on tax reform. But he has done little to advance it recently, amid constant distractions over Russia, North Korea and race relations. 

In Congress, as they did for their failed push to dismantle Obamacare, Republicans are ramping up a nationwide publicity campaign in favor of tax law changes without first deciding on exactly what changes they want to make. 

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady, a Texan, is scheduled to deliver a speech on the issue on Wednesday at former President Ronald Reagan's ranch in Santa Barbara, California. Other committee members will also attend.