Gas purifying solution to drive down operational costs at landfill gas power plants

By Bioenergy Insight.

US based landfill gas industry O & M contractor and engineering company ENERGYneering Solutions Inc. (ESI) have signed a supply and service contract for Topsoe’s proprietary HiPerFuel landfill gas conditioning solutions. The HiPerFuel unit will deliver high-purity fuel gas for an ESI landfill gas power plant in Washington State.

The contract is the first deal signed for Topsoe’s HiPerFuel landfill gas conditioning solution. The new solution is designed to demonstrate the effects of high-purity landfill gas for power plants by driving down operational costs and downtime for landfill gas power plant operators.

“We are excited about the possibilities with this new solution from Topsoe. The solution Topsoe is offering is unique to the industry in that it offers high siloxane removal efficiency and long media life comparable with many of the regenerative systems on the market while avoiding the typically high capital and operating costs associated with dehydration of the gas and thermal oxidation of waste gases. We are very much looking forward to seeing the effects of running our engines on a siloxane-free gas,” said William Song, Director of Engineering at ESI.