Xebec announces a breakthrough in biogas upgrading to renewable natural gas

By Xebec Adsorption Inc., Biomass Magazine.

Xebec Adsorption Inc., a global provider of gas generation, purification, and filtration solutions for the industrial, energy and renewables marketplace, announced today that it has achieved a significant breakthrough in its fast-cycle pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology for upgrading biogas to renewable natural gas (RNG). By optimizing the process design and combining it with a novel adsorption/desorption cycle, Xebec can now achieve recovery rates of up to 98.5 percent while operating at low pressure, allowing operators to maximize revenue, lower operating costs and, consequently, increase profitability.

Xebec has pioneered fast and rapid cycle adsorption technology, bringing its proprietary technology to the biogas upgrading market more than 15 years ago. Adsorption technology is now well-established for upgrading biogas to RNG and Xebec is a major player with 27 installations operating globally and a growing number of ongoing projects under planning, procurement and construction.

Biogas upgrading has historically been a challenge because gas compositions constantly vary, flow rates fluctuate, and temperatures change with seasonal and weather conditions. Operators need technology solutions that are flexible, reliable, and cost effective in order to maximize profits. Xebec has a sterling reputation for delivering product gas that meets all of these objectives at a quality that can be injected into the pipeline systems. In a collaborative demonstration with Southern California Gas in 2012, Xebec demonstrated that its technology can meet “Rule 30,” California’s very stringent gas quality standard, even under varying operating conditions.