Lincoln, NE Mayor Urged to Reconsider Contract Award & Issue RFP for City Biogas-to-Vehicle fuel Project

By  Lincoln Journal Star.

City Councilman Roy Christensen wants Mayor Chris Beutler to reconsider his decision to award a contract to a Nebraska engineering company for work on a biogas-to-vehicle fuel project.

Beutler bypassed the city’s request-for-proposal (RFP) process to award a contract to HDR Inc. for design work on a city-owned and operated process that would convert biogas from the sewage treatment process into compressed natural gas.

Christensen on Wednesday asked Beutler to reconsider the contract with HDR and instead to use the city’s RFP process.

Christensen has tried to get the city administration to consider using a private company that would build, own and operate the biogas-to-fuel project. The private company would pay the city an annual fee and produce compressed natural gas for city vehicles.