Wisconsin county issues RFP for landfill gas project

By Waste Today Staff.

Dane County, Wisconsin, is requesting proposals for fabrication, delivery, installation and start-up of a biogas cleaning system to convert landfill gas (LFG) into high-Btu biomethane at the Dane County Landfill Site #2, located at 7102 U.S. Highway 12, Madison, Wisconsin, per information provided by the U.S. EPA Landfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP). Only firms with capabilities, experience and expertise with similar projects should submit proposals. Performance and payment bond are required for this project. 

Dane County will be the owner/operator of the biogas cleaning system and retain rights to all the biomethane. The biogas cleaning system will be designed to have a flexible operating range, with a minimum flow of 500 scfm and maximum of 1,750 scfm LFG, and must be easily expanded in the future, up to 2,600 scfm LFG. The primary function of the biogas cleaning equipment will be to achieve the pipeline quality standards set by ANR Pipeline Co. 

Dane County has a power purchase agreement expiring in 2019 for LFG electricity produced at Site #2. The County plans for the new pipeline injection project to replace the electricity project at the beginning of 2019.