The tax reform task force looms

By Bernie Becker, Politico

START GETTING READY: House Republican tax writers are starting to talk a big game about their tax reform framework expected later this month.

“It’s going to be bold,” said Rep. Pat Tiberi of Ohio. How bold? Rep. Kenny Marchant of Texas said he hoped not to “alarm people” by how “radically you lower the rate, and change the revenue side of it — how many deductions have to go away to get to that result.”

One of the big questions that’s always loomed over the GOP’s effort to set the 2017 agenda on taxes was just how many details to expect. The anti-poverty framework that House Republicans released last week, for instance, didn’t break a ton of new ground. And Republicans have circulated a lot of tax reform particulars in the past — former Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp’s plan, the framework in now-Speaker Paul Ryan’s budget — even if those details weren’t always universally embraced.