How yard waste would boost methane energy

By Jessica Gill, WOWT News.

OMAHA, Neb. -- It is a subject that gets Omaha residents riled up: waste collection. The very idea of ending Omaha's popular Oma-Gro compost program has avid gardeners up in arms. The yard waste that becomes Oma-Gro could be directed instead of an alternative source of energy.

The alternative is more gas, or methane, which is already used to power several thousand homes across the metro. The process has been around since 2002. But waste management is suggesting the city put more yard waste into the landfill, creating more renewable energy. It’s the only facility in the state that can turn trash into energy.

OPPD’s Tim Yager said the process is not the least expensive way to do it, but it’s nowhere near the highest cost generator either.