No debate in the Senate as pipeline bill flies; energy bill looks set for next week

By Mark Drajem, Bloomberg Government.

While you were prepping for Trump v Kelly last evening,  the Senate fast-tracked a measure to stiffen pipeline safety, approving by unanimous consent legislation that would establish the first nationwide standards for underground gas storage facilities. We had heard the measure could get through last week, but it hit a roadblock over a provision that would have pipeline response plans sent to select lawmakers. A new provision was added that protects oil response plans from unauthorized public disclosure. The House is working on a companion bill, and could move quickly as well. (The Republican presidential debate had a wide array of personal insults, and the refusal by Donald Trump to release a recording of his off-the-record conversation with the New York Times, but little discussion of energy outside of pledges by Ted Cruz to “pull back” the EPA in order to bring manufacturing back to Detroit.)

The Senate energy bill may be up next.