Why Corporate Fleet Owners Should Test Drive Renewable Natural Gas

By Jessica Jones Hardcastle, Environmental Leader. 

Electric vehicles got a boost this week as the White House, EV charging firms and vehicle manufacturers including General Motors, BMW and Nissan agreed to build 48 national EV charging networks in 35 states.

But there’s another low-carbon fuel that, while it continues to fly — or drive — under the radar, could have big cost and emissions benefits for corporate and municipal fleets. Renewable natural gas has the potential to reduce the US heavy transport sector’s reliance on diesel and gasoline. And it’s compatible with engines that run on natural gas.

Renewable natural gas, which is made from methane emitted as organic wastes decompose, is also used for electricity generation and heating, but proponents say its best use is to fuel buses and heavy-duty trucks. According to the California Air Resources Board, it is the lowest-carbon fuel available.