Massachusetts funding aids anaerobic digestion projects

By Erin Voegele, Biomass Magazine.

Massachusetts recently awarded grant funding to two biogas-related projects under development by CRMC Bioenergy LLC and EL Harvey and Sons Inc. The awards were made under the commonwealth’s Recycling Business Development Grant program.

CRMC Bioenergy, a wholly owned subsidiary of CommonWealth Resource Management Corp. was awarded up to $200,000. The company owns and operates the existing BRMC Bioenergy Facility at the Crapo Hill Sanity Landfill in Dartmouth. CRMC aims to use the funding to add the ability to source and accept bulk materials in quantities required to support the planned expansion of the facility, an operating pilot-scale anaerobic digestion project. The grant will, in part, be used to purchase de-packaging equipment that will enable the facility to accept and process bulk organics that are packaged or have some level of contamination into a pump-able, slurried form for anaerobic digestion.