Methane gas collection to begin again at 1-E Landfill

By Kaitlyn Kanzler,

During the NJSEA's meeting on Sept. 15, a resolution was passed authorizing the NJSEA to enter into an agreement with Savannah Energy to begin work on the landfill.

Methane gas, also known as landfill gas, is produced through the decomposition of garbage buried in landfills, according to NJSEA spokesman Brian Aberback. The 1-E Landfill is a 400-acre site that encompasses two former landfills, the 1-C Landfill in Kearny and the Balefill Landfill in North Arlington.

"The gas consists of an approximate mix of 50 percent methane, the major component of natural gas, with the balance coming from carbon dioxide and traces of other unstable components," Aberback said.