Hamm Landfill in Kansas to construct methane gas plant and pipeline

By Rochelle Valverde, Lawrence Journal-World.

Decomposing trash that was buried decades ago in the Hamm Landfill north of Lawrence will soon become a source of fuel. 

Plans to construct a $16 million methane gas plant and pipeline are underway at the Hamm Landfill, which is about 5 miles north of Lawrence and which serves about 500,000 Kansas residents. Hamm representatives say in addition to producing a renewable fuel source, the plant will reduce the greenhouse gas that's emitted when organic trash in the landfill breaks down. 

“For a town like Lawrence that’s very environmentally conscious, we’re able to take the potential greenhouse gas footprint that’s associated with all paper products and anything that is organic and eliminate it,” said Charlie Sedlock, division manager at Hamm.