Government and Business Leaders Helping Scale Up Renewable Natural Gas as a Powerful Climate Solution are Honored by Energy Vision


New York, NY - October 24, 2016 ( newswire) Leaders in the field of ultra-low carbon renewable natural gas (RNG) gathered at an October 13 awards event hosted by the sustainable energy non-profit Energy Vision, which promotes renewable, low-carbon energy and transportation solutions. The event marked Energy Vision's 10th anniversary.

RNG production and use for transport, electricity generation and heating is scaling up in the United States, with diverse projects coming online across the country. U.S. business and government leaders who are playing a pioneering role in accelerating this process were honored by Energy Vision with awards at the event.

RNG is the lowest carbon fuel available, and a powerful strategy for lowering GHG emissions. It is made from the biogases emitted as organic material in wastewater, agricultural waste, and food and yard waste decomposes. They are captured and refined into an ultra-low-carbon, low-emissions source of energy and transportation fuel. RNG has a fraction of the carbon footprint of diesel, gasoline or other petroleum-based fuels, and even of fossil natural gas. When made from food waste processed in anaerobic digesters and used as vehicle fuel, RNG can be net carbon-negative over its lifecycle.