Hawaii Seeking RNG & Other Cleaner, Low Cost Fuel Alternatives

By Megan Greenwalt, Waste 360.

Hawaii Gas, the state’s regulated gas utility, is looking to purchase renewable natural gas (RNG) as part of its fuel diversification strategy from local and national suppliers who can provide RNG in increments of up to 8,000 MMBtu per day (Million British thermal units).

“Hawaii Gas is seeking proposals for the delivered cost and quantity of bio-methane (raw biogas) or upgraded bio-methane (RNG), which is most commonly produced from wastewater treatment plants, landfills or other sources of biomass,” says Joseph Boivin, senior vice president of business development and corporate affairs for Hawaii Gas. “The RNG will be blended with our synthetic natural gas on Oahu and distributed through an existing 1,000 mile utility pipeline distribution system to approximately 30,000 residential and commercial customers.”