Harvest Power Sells 6 MW Anaerobic Digestion Biogas Plant in Ontario

By Ben Messenger, Waste Management World.

In Ontario, Canada StormFisher Environmental has acquired the London Energy Garden, an anaerobic digester which processes organic waste from southwestern Ontario into biogas and natural fertilisers, from Harvest Ontario Partners – a part of Waltham, Massachusetts based AD developer, Harvest Power.

The facility, which was developed by Harvest Power, turns organic materials such as food scraps, food production residuals, fats oils and grease, and other discarded organic waste from food processors, retailers and food retail outlets into biogas which is used to generate electricity, as well as fertilisers.

StormFisher Environmental is majority owned and operated by StormFisher, Ltd, a company said to have deep Ontario market knowledge and biogas experience. Harvest Power is a minority owner in StormFisher Environmental.