Nylon pipe collects methane landfill gas

By Frank Esposito, Plastic News.

A nylon 6/11 resin made by Arkema Inc. is helping a Nebraska community draw energy from a decommissioned landfill.

A piping system using Arkema’s Rilsan-brand nylon 6/11 was installed earlier this year and started operating in June at the site in Douglas County, near Omaha. Rilsan is used throughout the system, including in pipes, fitting and joining systems, Arkema oil and gas market manager Brandon Babe said in a recent phone interview.

The Rilsan-based system is less expensive than a similar steel system, providing capital expenditure savings of $95,000 per mile and maintenance savings of $6,300 per mile. The system collects methane landfill gas from the State Street Landfill, which closed in 1989 and has been flaring the gas since 1995. The system then cleans the gas before conveying it to local utilities, Babe said.