Greenlane Biogas installs biogas upgrading plant in China

By Greenlane Biogas. 

Greenlane Biogas has partnered with China Agricultural University to install a biogas upgrading system to facilitate research in the generation of renewable natural gas (RNG). The top academic institution in China for agricultural studies, CAU will use Greenlane’s water scrubbing based biogas upgrading solution to test and optimize biogas yields of various agricultural organic wastes generated from a variety of anaerobic digesters.

The plant is located at CAU’s National RNG Demonstration Park in Zhuozhou, a city just to the south of Beijing. The plant will convert biogas to RNG at a rate of 80 cubic meters per hour. The resulting RNG is compliant with China’s standards for natural gas vehicles (NGV) and is being piped to a compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling station onsite to serve NGVs from neighboring towns.