Public-Private Partnerships Enable Project Success

By Amanda Bilek, Biomass Magazine. 

Public-private partnerships that conduct essential research, commercialize technology, and institutionalize new operating practices are vital to several economic sectors, including energy. There are numerous examples of early and ongoing public investment—matched with private investment—that have led to significant changes in the energy sector. Biobased projects, including biogas, need public-private partnerships to bring the potential resource to scale. 
Public-private partnerships for biogas project deployment are at a critical juncture. The U.S. biogas industry is going through a period of tremendous growth, but growth is uneven from state to state. State and local efforts to implement public-private partnerships could increase biogas project deployment where growth appears to be stagnant. 

Although several biogas projects are finding ways into the market, many proposed projects still struggle with access to capital and project financing.