Arkema connects landfill gas project with bioplastic pipe

By Arkema. 

Arkema Inc., Georg Fischer Central Plastics LLC, and BioResource Development LLC have partnered in a unique project to successfully install a polyamide 11 (PA11) piping system to connect landfill gas to the local gas distribution system near Omaha, Nebraska. The project demonstrates the advances made in thermoplastic piping systems and the cost savings operatorscan realize from choosing high pressure, PA11 plastic piping. The value in Rilsan PA11 is embedded in the reduced installation cost and minimal maintenance cost compared to steel.  Arkema and BRD estimate a CAPEX savings of $95,000 per mile, and significant additional savings from the minimum maintenance when compared to epoxy coated steel pipe.  From historical data on previous installations, Arkema estimates maintenance savings of $6,300 per mile each year when choosing PA11 over steel.