Robust and Portable Biogas and Syngas Analyser

By Environmental Technology Online.

The new portable analyser Biogas and Syngas ETG MCA 100 Syn P, from ETG Risorse (Italy), is the ideal solution for the measurement and analysis processes for the Biogas to Syngas and burning due to its robustness, accuracy, reliability, and enhanced performance.

Unlike other analysers of the same type, ETG MCA 100 Syn P performs the analysis of different compounds such as CO, CO2, CH4 NDIR technology with a unique optical IR bench. The concentration of O2  is by E.C.

The measurement of the concentration of Hydrogen is made highly reliable thanks to the sensor measurement of Hydrogen based on TCD principle of operation (thermal conductivity); therefore not used for the measurement of Hydrogen, electrochemical cells or other sensors that could interfere with the measurements of Hydrocarbons.