Attempt to kill RFS fails in the Senate

By Fuels America.

An attempt today to gut America’s Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) – this country’s most successful policy reducing dependence on dirty foreign oil and combatting climate change – failed to gain traction in the Senate Banking Committee with a major rejection of 7-15 on an amendment proposed by Senator Toomey. The disastrous amendment would have eliminated a key part of the RFS and severely hurt Americans, promising to kill jobs, harm the environment, and increase our foreign oil dependence.

Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis issued the following statement, “It is no surprise that Senator Toomey’s amendment failed – it never had a chance of passing. Similar to legislation he has introduced before, it did not gain any traction and failed because this legislation only restricts consumer choice and attempts to dismantle a successful American industry that is creating jobs, improving our environment and reducing our dependence on foreign oil. The simple fact is that the RFS has bipartisan support and it has been the most successful energy legislation this nation has enacted in over 40 years.”