10 Things You Need to Know For the Waste & Recycling Industry

By David Bodamer; Inside Waste360

  1. 39 facilities achieve zero waste-to-landfill “In 2013, Eaton reduced its landfilled wastes by about 18%, or 4,900 metric tons, as part of a global zero waste-to-landfill program. During World Environment Month in June, Eaton honoured 39 manufacturing facilities around the globe that achieved this milestone. Since 2010, these facilities have eliminated a combined total of 2,750 metric tons of waste sent to landfills through recycling, re-use, new work processes and other means.” (PBSIontheNet.net)
  2. Landfill gas facility to double its power “The Waste Management Columbia Ridge Landfill and Recycling Center, a landfill gas power plant south of Arlington, Oregon, will be doubling its capacity, enabling it to generate more power for Seattle businesses and homes that are 260 miles away. An estimated 2 million tons of garbage is handled by the landfill plant annually.” (Hydrogen Fuel News)