Let's Put Our Waste To Work!

By Sustainable America; @foodfuelfuture

Think natural gas only comes from reserves of ancient fossils trapped deep underground? Think again. We’re actually sitting on a much-overlooked but plentiful source of natural gas here in America — and we don’t have to drill into the ground to get it.

Natural gas can be generated from waste, specifically food waste rotting in landfills, agricultural waste generated on farms, and wastewater at water treatment plants. We have the technology to convert all of these forms of waste into a renewable form of energy know as renewable natural gas (RNG), or biomethane. RNG can be used to power or fuel anything that already runs on natural gas with no retrofits or upgrades; it can cook your food, power our factories and fuel vehicles that run on natural gas. It can be blended with traditional natural gas and delivered through the same channels.