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RNG DIAMOND is the new standard and universal symbol for Renewable Natural Gas. 

Members of the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas have exclusive license for use of RNG DIAMOND when advertising their products and services.  

Use of RNG DIAMOND is hereby authorized in limited use for public and private presentations promoting or discussing renewable natural gas so long as attribution for the mark is given to the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas.  

Display of RNG DIAMOND on vehicles, equipment, or the like is strictly limited to single or fleet use where a substantial volume of fueling is derived from renewable natural gas. Sale or reproduction of RNG DIAMOND for financial gain is prohibited except when authorized with a signed license from Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas.  

Unauthorized use of this mark is trademark infringement. Any production or sale of unauthorized products or services is a violation of the Federal Lanham Trademark Act of 1946, the Federal Trademark Act of 1984 and the various local and international infringement and unfair competition laws. Such violation are subject to liability for damages, injunctive relief, attorney's fees and other penalties, civil and criminal.