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RNG Coalition Directors look to Pipeline Access Advisory Board members for advice on RNG markets, technology, and development opportunities and challenges to support the RNG Coalition's mission and priority. An RNG Coalition Member in good standing may enroll one individual to represent their company on the Pipeline Access Advisory Board.

Fariya Ali - PG&E, Climate & Transportation Policy Principal

Charlie Anderson - Anderson RNG, Consultant

Mark Babcock - Hexagon, Director of Business Development

Paul Cammack - Black Hills Energy, Program Manager

Bill Edmonds - Northwest Natural, Director, Environmental Management & Sustainability

Brian Gale - Roeslein Alternative Energy, Business Development Manager

Scott Hill - Montauk Energy, Vice President, Operations

Jay Hopper - Aria Energy, Vice President

Susan Lafferty - Eversheds-Sutherland, Partner

Jim Lucas - Sempra Utilities / SoCalGas, Market Development Manager, Biofuels

Paul Morrow - Morrow Renewables, Vice President

Bryan Nudelbacher - U.S. Gain, Director of Business Development, RNG

Jeff Pierce - SCS Energy / SCS Engineers, Senior Project Director

Kavitha Ramakrishnan - Brightmark Energy, Director, Origination

Aiden Renaghan - DTE Biomass Energy, Associate, DTE Power & Industrials

Keri Richardson Bevel - Element Markets, Sr. VP, General Counsel

Antonio Saavedra - Xebec Adsorption, Director, Sales & Business Development

Diane Saber - REEthink, Inc., President

Evan Williams - Cambrian Energy, President


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