Non-Profit Membership

$2,500 Annual Dues

60% Tax Deductible

Annual Membership Due in Full*


Click here for a downloadable, print-friendly version of Coalition Membership Eligibility & Benefits, or scroll down and continue to read below.



  • Entity must be a 501c non-profit organization already serving or willing to partner in a cause complimentary to the mission of the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas.**


  • Regular Updates on Coalition, Industry & Member Activity and Information, including but not limited to:
    • Direct Access to Email Communication, Correspondence with & from Executive Staff, Board of Directors, General Membership & Partner Organizations
    • Members-only RNG Updates
  • Participation in Coalition Conference Calls & Working Groups
  • Coalition Leadership:
    • POTENTIAL APPOINTMENT to Advisory Board Sub-Committees
    • VOTE ONLY in Election of Nonprofit Executive Board of Directors positions
  • Host or Sponsorship Opportunities for Annual Conference, which may include:
    • Advertisement in Promotional Materials and at Conference
    • Booth Space
  • Invitation to Annual Membership Dinner, including:
    • Discounted Lodging
    • Networking Opportunities
  • Invitation to Coalition Events & Meetings, which may include Legislative & Regulatory Activity

*Annual member dues are $2,500; A service fee of 3% will be added to all member dues paid online

**ONLY 501c Non-Profit organizations are eligible for the Coalition’s Non-Profit Membership. Governmental Agencies, Research & Development Firms, Academic Institutions and Individual Taxpayers may apply for special consideration.