CARB Approves Rule for Zero-Emission Airport Shuttles

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has approved a rule that will require fixed-route shuttles serving the state’s 13 largest airports to transition to 100% zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) by 2035.

The regulation applies to public and private fleets, including parking facilities, rental car agencies and hotels. With almost 1,000 airport shuttles in operation, the regulation is expected to reduce greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions by at least 500,000 metric tons, according to CARB’s estimates.

By Betsy Lillian, NGT News

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SoCalGas Hosts Renewable Energy Technology Demonstration Day

Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas), in collaboration with Hyperlight Energy, Genifuel Corporation, the STARS Corporation, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) today held a public exhibition of three innovative, cost-competitive renewable energy technology projects at the San Diego State University Center for Energy Sustainability in Brawley, Calif.  Local officials, members of the business community and energy policymakers had the opportunity to learn about the innovative research behind the projects.  These projects, which have received funding from SoCalGas, the California Energy Commission (CEC) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), support the commercialization of low-cost, commercial-scale renewable energy technology that can help California achieve its ambitious climate goals.

The SDSU Center for Energy Sustainability promotes excellence in renewable energy research, provides academic and professional education relevant to California's energy future and contributes to one of the most renewable energy-rich locations in the world. 

By Market Screener

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OPINION: Renewable Natural Gas is How New York City Should Roll

New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority is joining Santa Monica, Los Angeles Transit and a growing number of other transit fleets in adopting ultra-low carbon renewable natural gas (R.N.G.). Every fleet vehicle running on R.N.G. in New York will help meet the state’s ambitious zero-carbon standard — not 30 years from now, but today.

That’s a big step forward. But R.N.G. is relatively unfamiliar to clean-energy advocates, and sometimes misunderstood. For example, the article in this newspaper’s June 20 issue (“M.T.A. drive for renewable-gas buses”) quoted Jim Walsh, of Food and Water Watch, arguing that since R.N.G. is like fossil natural gas, it could leak from pipelines and emit toxics and greenhouse gases (G.H.G.) when burned. He also said it would enable factory farms and their negative impacts. These are misunderstandings.

By Joanna Underwood, The Villager

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Rethinking Tennessee’s Energy Future with RNG

There’s been much talk about the Green New Deal, a proposal that has generated a lot of debate about solutions to climate change, environmental protection and more. In response to this idea, U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander proposed an audacious response that would help deliver American energy independence and put us on a trajectory to lead a new energy revolution at home and abroad. Alexander compared this monumental opportunity to a new Manhattan Project of sorts: a moonshot-like moment that would give America a chance to once again take a giant leap forward.  

For the past five years, we at White Harvest Energy have been working to help make Tennessee’s energy sector work more efficiently for our customers and the communities we serve. To do this, we have been working with utilities and clients across the state to help them better understand their energy generation technology and what they can be doing to improve efficiency, stability and safety. We then work with them to install modular combined heat and power systems, which help more efficiently power, heat and cool buildings.  

By Ben Edgar, Tennessean

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Canada and California Team Up to Tackle Vehicle Climate Pollution

Reducing transport pollution will help Canadians save money, clean our air, and help fight climate change. The auto sector is changing quickly, with electric and autonomous vehicles and other advanced technologies creating huge new opportunities for automakers, parts manufacturers, software developers, and Canada's mining sector. As demand for cleaner and more efficient vehicles grows, investing in innovation is essential to ensure that Canadian automakers remain competitive and that we continue attracting the jobs of the future.

Today, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, and the Chair of the California Air Resources Board, Mary Nichols, signed a new cooperation agreement to advance clean transportation.

By Newswire

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Truck Drivers Like Helping the Environment with RNG Trucks

We captured feedback from drivers in the near-zero RNG truck demonstration project. The technology has come a long way since the first units deployed 10 years ago. Drivers give RNG trucks a big “thumbs up”. See what drivers have to say in the videos below. Enjoy!

Truck Drivers Like the Performance of RNG Trucks
Near-zero natural gas trucks are great for the environment, but can they hold up to the demanding business of port trucking? Watch what real port truck drivers have to say about the performance of today’s natural gas trucks.

By Clean Energy

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U.S. Gain Expands Investment in Dairy Industry

 With its corporate headquarters surrounded by dairy farms, U.S. Gain is personally familiar with the benefits the agricultural industry provides the local economy. Even so, U.S. Gain President Mike Koel never thought his business would be investing in these farms to produce alternative fuel. With partnerships in 12 dairy farms and growing, U.S. Gain is especially honored to see these farms profit from renewable natural gas (RNG) production.

RNG is an alternative fuel produced by capturing methane from agricultural waste, wastewater, landfills and food waste. Gas from these sources is cleaned and conditioned to meet pipeline standards, then dispensed through natural gas fueling stations and used as the only carbon-negative fuel.

By U.S. Newswire

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Greenlane Secures New CDN$3.4 Million Biogas Upgrading Contract

Greenlane Renewables Inc. (“Greenlane” or the “Company”) (TSXV: GRN) today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Greenlane Biogas North America Ltd., has secured a new CDN $3.4 million-dollar biogas upgrading contract. Greenlane will provide its water-wash technology solution for a municipal wastewater treatment facility in the Metro Vancouver region of British Columbia, Canada. Work will begin immediately. Final commissioning is expected to be completed mid next year. The facility will produce clean Renewable Natural Gas (“RNG”) for injection into the gas distribution network owned and operated by FortisBC, the local gas utility.

By Morningstar

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Volkswagen Group Further Expand CNG Mobility

Volkswagen Group and its industry partners from the gas supply, network, and filling station operation sectors will showcase their products and services at the 3rd CNG Mobility Days in Berlin (25–26 June 2019), presenting an overview of the current situation and the future of CNG. Volkswagen Group brands will also be exhibiting their latest CNG models in the passenger car, truck and bus segments.

In parallel with the advancing electrification of its fleet, Volkswagen Group and its brands continue to rely on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) as an alternative drive technology for decarbonising road transport, and the product range has been revised and expanded again with this in mind.

By Automotive World

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