New Holland Unveils the First pre-development of its Low Carbon Tractor at Low Carbon Vehicle Event 2019

New Holland Agriculture unveiled today the first pre-development of its Low Carbon Tractor (LoCT) at the Low Carbon Vehicle Event 2019, which is taking place in Millbrook, Bedfordshire, UK.

The tractor is a first result of the LoCT project, partly funded by the Advanced Propulsion Centre UK (APC UK) and led by the global capital goods company CNH Industrialtogether with its agricultural brand New Holland and its powertrain brand FPT Industrial. The project aims to design a commercially viable tractor capable of operation on biomethane while complying with the latest European and US emissions standards. New Holland and FPT Industrial, which has pioneered natural gas traction for more than 20 years, are partnering with Eminox, an exhaust after-treatment technology specialist, Zircotec, a thermal management and ceramic coating specialist, and Ricardo, an engineering consultant specialising in technology, project innovation and strategy.

By Market Screener

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