California Dairy Farms Reach Major Milestone in Climate Goal

 Dairy Cares reports that the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) announced this month that California's dairy farms will soon be more than halfway to achieving the state's world-leading target for reducing methane. The update was part of CDFA's announcement that an additional $102 million has been awarded this year to support the implementation of dairy methane reduction projects. 93 new projects were funded, including 43 methane digesters that capture methane and 50 alternative manure management projects. There are currently more than 229 dairy methane reduction projects in operation or under development on California dairy farms.

Through the implementation of these projects, CDFA estimates 2.2 million metric tons of greenhouse gases will be reduced each year. That's approximately 25 percent of the 2013 California inventory for dairy and livestock manure methane emissions. The state's target is a 40 percent reduction below 2013 levels by 2030. In total, the state has now invested $260 million in dairy methane reduction projects. California's dairy farm families and other investors have matched that with more than $360 million in private funding.

By Oil & Gas

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