Republic Services' Solution to the California 'Organics Challenge'

One special piece of equipment may be handling less material amid the high-volume bustle of Republic Services' large waste and recycling operation in Anaheim, California, but it's still seen as equally important for the company's local operations. Slowly but surely, this unit is helping make California's food waste recycling quest a reality.

The Mega Thor Turbo Separator is capable of processing up to 20 tons of source-separated organic waste per hour. Taking up a relatively small footprint on the tip floor, the unit sends material through a horizontal process, relying on a rotating set of hammer-like paddles that press and push it through screens. An estimated 5-10% of all incoming loads is contamination, so bags, utensils and more get shot out into a container for eventual disposal. The final product from this whole operation, which comes out with an oatmeal consistency, is compost-ready. 

By Cole Rosengren, Waste Dive

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