Life Metamorphosis Project to Collect Barcelona Citizen's Waste to Produce RNG

We all know that there are vehicles powered with petrol, electricity and gas. Now there is a new way to drive engines, and it begins in our household rubbish bin. This is the aim of the Life Methamorphosis project: to achieve biomethane from organic waste, turning it into renewable gas in the following five steps:

1. Recycling.
Each inhabitant of the city of Barcelona generates about 1.5 kilos of waste daily. 2.5 million kilos of rubbish every day of which only 40% is recycled. “With all the organic waste that is generated we can produce enough biomethane to power 10,000 cars to travel around 15,000 kilometres every year”, points out Andrew Shepherd, the SEAT engineer who heads the Methamorphosis project. Of all the rubbish collected at the Ecoparc 2 in Barcelona, biomethane is produced using the organic waste from the brown containers and whatever is useful from the grey containers. All of this raw material will be turned into biofuel.

By Webwire

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