UPS's Use of RNG Helps the Company Win Green Fleet of the Year

By Fleet Owner.

(UPS) dubs its fleet of 9,000 or so alternatively powered vehicles a “rolling laboratory”—and for good reason. In the words of Carlton Rose, president of global fleet maintenance and engineering at UPS, making investments in not one alternative form of vehicle propulsion, but several simultaneously, allows the parcel delivery company to “define excellence” in that space.

“If you are the one who defines excellence, you are the one who develops the expertise to get there,” he explained during the keynote speech at the annual Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) conference in Atlanta earlier this year. “For example, in 2016 we bought 125 hybrid-electric Workhorse vans. In 2017, we bought 200 more. Why? Because they now get 400% better fuel economy than gasoline-only vans. Previously, we could only could get 10 to 15% better fuel economy with hybrids.”