Toronto may take from curb to fuel tank by Kris Hornburg May 1, 2018

By Kris Homburg, Solid Waste & Recycling.

The City of Toronto is developing renewable natural gas (RNG) infrastructure that has the potential to represent a fully closed-carbon loop that could fuel its fleet from modified biogas processed at its anaerobic digestion facilities. That means the same collection trucks that pick up Toronto’s organic waste could ultimately be fueled by that waste.

The City is currently in the process of expanding its Dufferin Organics Processing Facility to increase its organics processing capacity and build a biogas cleanup facility in order to produce RNG. It is expected that RNG production will begin sometime in 2019 with more announcements to come over the next couple of months. Solid Waste Management Services is also exploring the potential to produce RNG at three additional sites: the Disco Road Organics Processing Facility, the Keele Valley Landfill and the Green Lane Landfill.