How Corporate Fleets Can Go Carbon-Negative Now with RNG

By Thomas Lawson, via CleanTech.

Many corporate leaders committed to supply chain sustainability are waiting for a full range of electric vehicles to hit the market to achieve zero emissions from their heavy-duty truck fleets. But there’s no need to wait: With a new model natural gas engine now in commercial production, fleets can meet their heaviest-duty needs using carbon-negative renewable natural gas (RNG) in near-zero-emission natural gas trucks.

Early-adopter fleet operators such as UPS and Waste Management have already embraced RNG, but others could be forgiven for not having it on their radar. The conversation about achieving zero emissions from transportation has focused almost exclusively on electric vehicles. But policies that look only at tailpipe emissions are leaving out a vital part of the transport supply chain: fuel production. It’s there that RNG shines.