D.C. council passes ambitious climate bill for 100% renewable energy by 2032

The Trump administration isn’t about renewable energy, but thanks to the Washington, D.C., city council, it could soon be running on clean power. The council passed one of the most ambitious climate bills in the country on Tuesday requiring the District to get all of its energy from renewables by 2032.

The bill was introduced in July by City Councilmember Mary Cheh and was spurred along by a group of more than 110 environmental, justice and faith groups as well as unions. While it includes a host of new climate rules, chief among them is the renewable requirement. Until Tuesday, the city’s renewable portfolio standard required utilities serving the city to increase their share of renewably generated electricity to 50 percent by 2032. The new bill ups that to 100 percent.

By Brian Kahn, Earther

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