Walden Says RFS Amendment Hearings on House E&C Committee Fall Agenda

By George Cahlink, E&E News.

CROOKED RIVER RANCH, Ore. — House Energy and Commerce Chairman Greg Walden will push an ambitious fall legislative agenda that could include a major restructuring of the Department of Energy and a rewrite of the controversial renewable fuel standard.

The Oregon Republican outlined his plans during a wide-ranging interview with E&E News during a stop here last month. Crooked River Ranch is a private community in central Oregon and part of Walden's sprawling district.

Walden made clear that even with fiscal issues likely to dominate Capitol Hill in the coming weeks, there was still room for moving potentially major energy and environmental legislation through the committee, and even the House, by the end of this year.

Walden emphasized that House Republican leaders have asked all committee chairmen to look at reauthorizing agencies and programs under their purview that in some cases have gone decades without new policy instructions from Congress.