Waste Not: Pinehill landfill launches clean fuel operation

By James Draper, Kilgore News Herald.

As organic waste in a landfill breaks down, it releases methane – the gas is now being captured by dozens of collectors spread across the Pinehill Landfill.

Flowing to a brand new landfill gas-to-energy facility on site, the decomposition byproduct is being processed to natural gas standards and piped away in a clean fuel project officially unveiled Tuesday at the Republic Services operation north of Kilgore.

The Environmental Protection Agency quantifies the benefits of ‘high BTU’ landfill gas projects, says Luke Morrow. 

“It shows that this project offers the same carbon reduction as that of over 182,000 acres of forest annually,” the president of Morrow Renewables said at the landfill Tuesday morning, the mounds of the landfill on one side, the towers of the new plant rising behind him. “It is also the equivalent of removing the carbon dioxide emissions from almost 22 million gallons of gasoline annually.