Kirschner of Northwest Gas Assoc.: Oregon should promote natural gas vehicles

By Dan Kirschner, via East Oregonian.

Luckily, natural gas powered vehicles are a ready-made solution to reduce harmful emissions from the heavy-duty vehicles we need for commerce, commuting and getting our kids to school.

Transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Oregon, producing nearly 40 percent of the total. Diesel-powered trucks and buses contribute significantly to bad air days. Natural gas vehicles are much cleaner than diesel vehicles and capable of doing the same work. They feature significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and in harmful air pollutants including fine particulates, nitrous oxides and sulfur oxides.

For instance, the newest diesel motors emit up to twenty times more nitrous oxides than the latest natural gas engines. We are all affected by diesel pollution, but especially the most vulnerable populations: children, elderly and the sick.

Vehicle emissions are a problem we need to address right now. That’s one reason why companies like Waste Management, UPS, Frito Lay and Fred Meyer currently operate natural gas vehicles as part of their local fleets.